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I’m Suzie Sawyer and have been working in the health industry for over 15 years

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since professionally qualifying as a Clinical Nutritionist.  My work is all about helping people to improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life through nutrition, based on sound scientific principles.  I’m very fortunate to live by the sea in Brighton although my work takes me all over the UK.  My work has included:
  • Changing many peoples lives for the better due to massively improving their health
  • Providing live radio interviews and appearing and working as a guest presenter on QVC television
  • Writing for many consumer and trade health magazines and providing expert comment for numerous features and articles in health journals and other media. I am also a member of the Guild of Health Writers
  • Working as a regulatory expert for market leaders in the food supplement industry. I have formulated food supplement products, provided regulatory advice for labelling and advertising material and written and edited catalogues and educational mailings
  • Encouraging and motivating many workforces to improve their diet and lifestyle, reducing staff absenteeism and increasing staff retention in companies across the UK
  • Appearing as a guest speaker at international trade shows in the UK

As an intrinsic part of my work, I engage with people individually and with those employed within organisations to help them to achieve optimal health.  A massive part of that mission is to help them to plug any specific nutrient deficiencies which is why one of my key roles is to educate people that ………

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It’s not five, it’s 45!

That’s nutrients!  The fact is that as a nation we’re very nutrient-depleted.  Our National Diet and Nutrition Surveys (NDNS) report specific nutrient deficiencies in certain key vitamins and especially trace minerals.  For example, we know that women are massively low in iron; this will specifically affect energy levels, fertility and the unborn child, just as one example.  Indeed, I specialise in women’s health at every life stage.

If we ate a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables daily (only around 26% of the nation do), some of these nutrient deficiencies could be plugged.  However, I am championing the knowledge that we actually need 45 nutrients in a day for optimal wellness and I can educate, encourage, motivate and help people to achieve this goal and have better health moving forwards.  It sounds a tough challenge but the earlier in life we start to give the body what it needs, the longer our potential life expectancy.

Contact me today and I’ll inspire lifelong change for you, your colleagues and family.

Who I Work With

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Individuals who require one-to-one consultations either via or face-to-face.
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I have worked with many of the UK’s top blue-chip companies where I provide consultation advising on how best to improve staff wellbeing through nutritional programmes. I am also a regulatory and formulation expert in the food supplement industry.
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TV & media

I’m fully experienced at providing interviews for journalists both on live and recorded TV and media. I have also written numerous articles for various Media Agencies and Publishing Houses for both the National and Trade Press.

How I work

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Whilst I have helped many people, specifically women of all ages with tailored nutrition plans to promote better health and wellbeing, you need to feel comfortable that I’m right for you. That’s the most important thing. Generally, we would have an initial chat over the phone, or an email exchange before booking a consultation or if you’re a company needing my expertise, making an appointment for an initial chat.

A questionnaire is available to download or email me directly before having a one-to-one consultation.

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Your Consultation

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A nutritional consultation provides a one-to-one detailed analysis of your diet and lifestyle and investigates how it may be affecting your health. Your assessment is based on your own particular requirements.  Whether it be addressing a long standing digestive complaint, or other health concern, increasing your energy, helping you to lose weight or providing support to enable you to complete a marathon, I will help you to achieve your goals!


Company Wellness

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I have worked with a number of blue chip companies and organisations including the Cabinet Office and I can provide either one to one nutritional consultations or health and wellbeing seminars within the workplace. Seminars are very interactive and are normally suitable for groups of between 10 and 20 delegates.


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What They Are Saying

I visited Suzie after 50 years of digestive problems. She instantly said that I was a hunter/gatherer and should eat accordingly. After devising some changes in my overall diet and suggesting that I am dairy intolerant, she then monitored my health for a few months, always being available to answer questions. I am now eating a diet that suits me and my lifestyle and have never felt better. I have lost weight and my digestion is working brilliantly.
Emily H • West Sussex
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you on behalf of myself, the No 10 staff and the Cabinet Office who attended your ‘ten to ten’ – how to survive snack attacks! presentation today. Many of those present spoke to me afterwards to inform me of how interesting and inspirational your talk was.
Laura Elliott
I consulted Suzie regarding a long term problem with acid reflux after having tried lots of methods to control this, including prescription medicine. Within a week of following Suzie’s diet plan and taking the supplements prescribed, I felt better than I had in years. Not only did my reflux symptoms improve but my general health and energy levels were fantastic. I would recommend this service as there is so much conflicting dietary advice in the market today. It was great to have such a clear, helpful and reassuring way forward.
Fiona D • Horsham
After 20 years on the ‘diet treadmill’, I was starting to think that I would never find a way of reaching, and maintain my ideal weight. However, I was delighted when Suzie took the time to understand my dietary needs and my lifestyle, before providing me with advice and recommendations of changes I should make to my eating and drinking habits.  I am delighted with the results – my weight loss has been consistent, I have a wide variety of foods to enjoy and I never get hungry.  Thank you Suzie – I am finally off the ‘diet treadmill!
John W • Horsham
I wanted to express my thanks for your help in my preparations for the World Championships in Kona. Without your advice and the supplements you provided I would never have done as well as I did.
Harry E • Competitor in World Championships Iron Man