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One-to-One Nutrition Consultation - 75 minutes

You know you’re not feeling as you should or you’ve got longterm health issues that need solving. Following online completion of my questionnaire, I’ll take a detailed look at your current health, diet, supplements and goals.  I’ll provide you with a nutritional plan which would normally include a personalised supplement programme, support and, above-all, a positive, scientifically-backed approach.  A One-to-One can provide a great reset and an opportunity to discuss your health concerns in detail.  It includes pre-preparation, any research required, suggestions on diagnostic tests, including blood tests (I provide the full range), any research required and a post-consultation personalised plan.


All follow-up consultations, normally spaced one month apart, 45 minutes- £80

Supplement Debunk

You might be taking supplements because you think you ‘should’ but you’re not really sure ‘why’. I’ll talk you through what you’re taking and make suggestions based on your individual health concerns.


Three One-to-One Nutrition Consultations

For longer term hormone or digestive issues, weight management, or other health issues, or you’d just like more support, this package includes three one-to-one sessions, spaced one month apart, and all email and telephone support as desired.


Menopause Package

Whether you’re struggling with PMS, Perimenopause , or PostMenopause, or you’re stressed out, can’t sleep and struggle with anxiety, this combined approach can provide answers and solutions.  The package includes a 75-minute consultation with an analysis of test results, a non-invasive, accurate saliva test for oestrogens, progesterone, cortisol and other key hormone levels, and an appropriate, personalised nutrition and supplement programme. Importantly, you will have the opportunity of discussing your overall health in detail with a qualified practitioner specialising in hormone imbalances.



To make an appointment to see how Nutritional Therapy can help you, contact:

Suzie Sawyer, DipIONBANT, Clinical Nutritionist 

Telephone: 0787 947 7811



Download the Nutrition Lifestyle Questionnaire and make a real difference to your life.

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