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One-to-One Nutrition Consultation

You can enjoy all the benefits of a nutritional consultation within the comfort of your own home.

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Professional Nutrition Consultant in Brighton

Personalised Nutrition

If you are seeking a friendly and reliable nutritional therapist, look no further! A nutritional consultation with me provides a one-to-one detailed analysis of your diet and lifestyle, whilst investigating how it may be affecting your health.

Your assessment is based on your own particular requirements.  Whether it be addressing long-standing digestive problems, distressing hormone imbalances, increasing your energy or some other deep-rooted health concern, then a personalised consultation may be the answer.  Equally, if you want to prioritise weight loss or run a marathon, this is a great starting point.

An initial consultation lasts 1 ¼ hours during which time I will identify how your particular health concerns and symptoms can be improved by talking them through with me in a confidential and non-judgemental way.  Prior to the consultation, you will simply need to complete the questionnaire on the website.

In some cases, I recommend diagnostic testing in order to provide a deeper level of understanding of what’s going on inside the body.  Key foods and meal planning suggestions will be provided to help you to achieve your specific objectives whether that is hormonal balance or weight management.

And you can also enjoy all the benefits of a nutritional consultation within the comfort of your own home.  If you live in East or West Sussex, then I will be happy to visit you at home.

Many people prefer talking about health issues in the comfort of their own home. I will be able to really look at your eating habits and perhaps challenge some that you wish or need to change.  The consultation frequently uncovers issues that perhaps should be addressed and altered for the better.

And I’ll help you to make those changes for life ………

Nutrition to You

How about enjoying all the benefits a nutritional consultation can bring you, but within the comfort of your own home?  If you live in Sussex, then I will happily visit you at home at a convenient time for you.

The consultation is exactly the same but sometimes having your store cupboard or fridge on hand can be really useful.

In the comfort of your own home, I will be able to really look at your eating patterns and perhaps challenge some that you wish or need to change.  The consultation can frequently uncover issues that should be addressed and altered for the better.

And I am a registered nutritionist who can help you to make those changes for life...

Experienced Nutrition Consultant based in Brighton and Hove

I consulted Suzie regarding a long term problem with acid reflux after having tried lots of methods to control this, including prescription medicine. Within a week of following Suzie’s diet plan and taking the supplements prescribed, I felt better than I had in years. Not only did my reflux symptoms improve but my general health and energy levels were fantastic. I would recommend this service as there is so much conflicting dietary advice in the market today. It was great to have such a clear, helpful and reassuring way forward.
Fiona D, Horsham

Nutrition for Sport

Sports Nutrition is probably one of the most controversial and misunderstood areas of nutrition but, as an athlete or recreational sports person, you’ll be going nowhere fast if you’re not getting it right.  Injuries, lack of performance, poor training recovery and disturbed sleep are just some of the problems that can arise.

Having worked with a number of professional athletes as well as numerous recreational exercisers and been round the block a few times myself, I have the experience, scientific qualifications, professionalism and enthusiasm to set you on the right road.  A sports nutrition assessment will include:-

  • Complete diet, lifestyle and supplement programme including healthy recipes
  • Specific diagnostic testing for digestive, hormone or immune imbalances‍
  • ‍Weight management plans
  • ‍Diet and training strategies based on your individual goals
  • Stress management test and advice

With so many misnomers especially around the area of protein and protein powders, it really pays to work with a qualified sports nutritionist – it’s not just about protein powders!

I wanted to express my thanks for your help in my preparations for the World Championships in Kona. Without your advice and the supplements you provided I would never have done as well as I did.
Harry E, Competitor in World Championships Iron Man

Weight Loss

Yes, you’ve tried them all – every faddy diet going!  Do you feel you’ve been yo-yo dieting forever only to find that the trend is up rather than down?

Sometimes they work for a while and then the weight goes back on or you haven’t been able to maintain the regime.  Research suggests that if weight loss is too rapid, once normal eating commences, the weight goes back PLUS 11%.

It’s not about a six week plan, it’s about changing or moderating your eating habits and lifestyle to balance your own body chemistry based on an in-depth nutritional assessment.  And whilst you’re making these changes you want to be able to enjoy delicious food and not live a life of total denial.

The Nutrition Lifestyle BodyFocus weight management programme is individually tailored to provide advice on eating plans, specific foods, suitable exercise, a supplement programme where appropriate and lifestyle management.


Lack of energy and feeling tired all the time are many people’s main concerns. Waking up feeling unrefreshed, not having the energy to live a fulfilling and active life and generally feeling ‘lack lustre’ can frequently be caused by nutritional, digestive or hormonal imbalances.  Equally, eating a diet that is wrong for your individual metabolic type can also leave you feeling lacking in energy.  Some of the reasons may be as follows:-

  • ‍Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Poor blood sugar levels, blood pressure
  • Digestive disorders (e.g coeliac disease)
  • ‍Adrenal stress
  • Food allergies and food intolerances
  • ‍Poor absorption
  • Hormonal issues
  • ‍Emotional stress
  • Lack of protein or carbohydrate    

Your nutritional consultation and nutritional therapy will include a complete analysis of your diet and lifestyle.  It isn't all about healthy eating! Where appropriate diagnostic tests will be suggested – sometimes seeing the answers in black and white can be the first major step to improved health and wellness.

Poor sleep is of course an obvious reason for lack of energy.  I will address all these issues during your consultation……. your new life starts here!

Nutrition Lifestyle also offer many different services including wellness workshops for your workplace. Please see our contact details to discuss any of our services.