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Nutritionist Lewes

A one-to-one nutritional therapy consultation provides an understanding of how your diet and lifestyle may be affecting your health.

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How Can Nutritional Therapy Help You? 

Nutritional Therapy helps strike a balance between your health and diet. If you have on-going health issues, we can help establish the root cause and develop a plan of action to deal with the issue.

Suzie Sawyer is the founder of Nutrition Lifestyle and a registered and qualified Nutritional Therapist. Passionate about nutrition and how it can be used to positively impact your health, Suzie has helped a range of clients across Lewes and East Sussex. Our one-to-one nutritional therapy consultations take place in a friendly and comfortable environment, we work together to expose on-going health issues and their potential causes. Clients come to us with issues ranging from long-standing digestive problems, to upsetting hormonal imbalances, all the way to focusing on a targeted weight loss program.

I visited Suzie after 50 years of digestive problems. She instantly said that I was a hunter/gatherer and should eat accordingly. After devising some changes in my overall diet and suggesting that I am dairy intolerant, she then monitored my health for a few months, always being available to answer questions. I am now eating a diet that suits me and my lifestyle and have never felt better. I have lost weight and my digestion is working brilliantly.

Health and Nutrition Consultation

Initial consultations last 1 1/4 hours. During this initial session we will discuss any concerns you may have and what you would like to achieve from the sessions. A customised programme will be developed, highlighting key foods and meal planning suggestions, all completely tailored to you to ensure you achieve your objectives. It is amazing how simply improving your diet can have such a positive impact on a range of aspects of your health and lifestyle. Examples of areas we can help with include: depression, menopause, PMS, digestive issues, skin conditions, weight loss, premature aging and stress management. Our consultations can even take place in the comfort of your own home should you prefer that.

Health Diagnostic Testing

Following our consultation we may suggest to investigate further using diagnostic testing. We offer a range of health and nutrition testing, from allergy tests to food intolerance tests, thyroid tests to digestive tests. Every test is a simple home testing kit and once you have completed the test we send these away to leading health laboratories and analyse the findings. The results will feed into our plan of action and underpin a way forward in order to solve any health issues you may be suffering from.  

For more information please contact Nutrition Lifestyle today - don't suffer in silence!