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Go green for great hormonal health!


Three of my top green foods to keep your #hormones in great shape!


They may not be everyone’s favourite veg, but they’re certainly top of the leader board when it comes to healthy greens.

Brussels sprouts are a worthy member of the brassica family, also known as‘cruciferous’ vegetables. Their amazing health benefits can be partly attributed to a range of chemical compounds called glucosinolates, which help liver detoxification, hormone balancing (especially menopause symptoms) and have the potential ability to prevent serious diseases.

Added to that, Brussels are rich in immune-supportingvitamins including A, C, B6 and folic acid, plus the relaxing mineral magnesium.

They’re certainly best not over-boiled, but lightly steamed for around five minutes, thereby retaining some crunch.  And if you want to give Brussels some va vavoom, then why not stir-fry them with bacon, or with lemon and pine nuts?


From the same family as Brussels sprouts, broccoli carries equal acclaim in the health stakes. Indeed, all cruciferous veg including kale,cauliflower and cabbage can hold their heads high when it comes to greenhealth.

Broccoli contains the same compounds as Brussels sprouts,but also very useful amounts of beta-carotene which the body converts into vitamin A as needed, and which supports the immune system.  Broccoli also contains a wealth of antioxidants in the form of lutein and zeaxanthin in, also great for the eyes and offering protection against disease. With broccoli, it’s all about the depth of colour; the darker green, purple, or deepblue-green the florets, the greater amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene.  Plus, deep colours in any vegetable or fruit represent anthocyanins, also delivering superb antioxidant protection.

Over-boiling broccoli really depletes its vitamin C content(not to mention its taste and texture), therefore lightly steaming is best. Stir-frying with a little garlic and sesame oil and seeds is another delicious way of enjoying broccoli.


As with many fruits and vegetables, leeks have been used in traditional medicine to treat a number of ailments including sore throats and gout.

Leeks are not only delicious (especially with cheese sauce),they’re very high in the mineral potassium which is great for the heart and kidneys.  And if it’s more energy you’re needing to get you through right now, then leeks are your friend, containing high levels of energy-giving folate.

And for a special treat why not add some to turkey,cannellini beans and crème fraiche for an easy tray bake?