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Nutritionist Crawley

Gain a complete picture of your diet and lifestyle and how it could be affecting your health with a one-to-one nutrition consultation.

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Nutritionist Crawley, West Sussex

Hello, welcome to Nutrition Lifestyle! I am Suzie Sayer, a Clinical Nutritionist based in East and West Sussex. I hope to improve my client's health and wellbeing through the power of nutrition. I aim to help people feel their best selves, translating overwhelming nutritional science into words with meaning. I offer personal one-to-ones to give you a clear insight into your own body. These are useful for those with long-standing health issues where the root cause is still a mystery. I understand that a 'one size fits all' approach is not sufficient when it comes to your body and nutrition!

What happens at my one-to-one consultation?

Your initial consultation lasts 1 1/4 hours, where we initially identify your concerns and what you would like to get out of our meeting. I also offer biochemical testing which analyses your particular issues and works on improving problems you are facing. I will offer you some personalised nutrition guidelines and an assessment of your lifestyle factors which will supply me the knowledge to create a programme which will improve your health. Working on your nutrition can improve multiple aspects of your lifestyle and health including: menopause, PMS, digestive issues, skin conditions, weight loss, depression, stress management and premature aging.

In order to achieve your chosen objectives, we will focus on some key foods to include in your meals and draft up a meal plan to suit your requirements. If you are within West Sussex or East Sussex, I will come to your home to complete the consultation. This is so you feel comfortable during our consultation - and your kitchen cupboards are near which can help during the meal planning stage! I aim to uncover issues and give you the tools to transform these for the better.

No matter what objective you may have, I can help you achieve it through your nutritional choices. I tailor a programme to suit you.

Why choose Suzie?

I make it my mission to provide a comfortable space for all clients, so they feel at ease. I offer genuine, helpful and insightful advice to change their lives for the better! Here is a review from one of my lovely clients:

"I consulted Suzie regarding a long term problem with acid reflux after having tried lots of methods to control this, including prescription medicine. Within a week of following Suzie’s diet plan and taking the supplements prescribed, I felt better than I had in years. Not only did my reflux symptoms improve but my general health and energy levels were fantastic. I would recommend this service as there is so much conflicting dietary advice in the market today. It was great to have such a clear, helpful and reassuring way forward."

You don't have to suffer in silence! Get in touch for more information or an informal discussion to see if I can help. Call on 07879 477 811 or use the form on this page. Suzie covers the local area including Brighton, Haywards Heath, Horsham and offers virtual appointments for those further afield.