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Nutritionist London

A one-to-one consultation will provide you with a complete picture of your health and how your diet and lifestyle may be affecting you.

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Experienced Nutritionist

Nutrition Lifestyle as founded by Suzie Sawyer, a professional Clinical Nutritionist. I use the power of nutrition to improve my client's health and wellbeing. By changing your diet, you can feel like your best self. There is plenty of nutritional science to back up this claim. I will translate the nutritional science into words with meaning.

A one-to-one consultation will provide you with a clear insight into your body. These sessions are particularly useful for anyone with long-standing health issues where you do not know what the root cause is. A one size fits all approach is definitely not the case when it comes to your unique body and nutrition.

Nutrition Consultation

Your consultation usually will last around 1 hour and 15 minutes. I will get to know your concerns and goals for the future. A biochemical test may be necessary to analyse your body and identify the problems you are facing. You will be provided with some personalised nutrition guidelines and an assessment of your lifestyle factors. A unique programme will be created with the aim of improving your health, but in an achievable way. By improving your nutrition, you will notice improvements of many aspects of your lifestyle and health including: PMS, menopause, skin conditions, digestive issues, weight, stress management, depression and premature ageing.

Together, we will work to achieve your objectives. Key foods will be included in your meal plan to suit your taste and requirements. The consultation can be carried out at your home or over video call, whichever is easiest for you! It is always handy to have your kitchen cupboards nearby! You will be provided with the tools to tackle any issues you are facing.

Your programme will be tailored to suit your specific needs. You can achieve your goals through the nutritional choices you make.

About Suzie

A one-to-one consultation with me will always be a relaxed environment and a safe space to discuss your aims. I try to provide insightful, genuine, useful advice to change your life for the better. Here is one review from one of my clients:

"After 20 years on the ‘diet treadmill’, I was starting to think that I would never find a way of reaching, and maintain my ideal weight. However, I was delighted when Suzie took the time to understand my dietary needs and my lifestyle, before providing me with advice and recommendations of changes I should make to my eating and drinking habits.  I am delighted with the results – my weight loss has been consistent, I have a wide variety of foods to enjoy and I never get hungry.  Thank you Suzie – I am finally off the ‘diet treadmill!"

You do not have to suffer with your nutrition any longer! Please get in touch to chat through your problems and I can see if I can help! Call 07879 477 811 or use the contact form at the top of this page.